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Medicare Supplements

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 2019 Choosing A Medigap

Medicare Supplements (Medigap)

NOTE: Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have their own Medigap plans that differ from other states.

Medicare Supplements Defined

Medicare supplements (also known as Medigap) policies are insurance policies from private insurance carriers which work secondary to Medicare and pay for some or all the fees which Medicare may not cover.

These plans follow Medicare’s network.  As long as the provider accepts Medicare, the Medicare supplement plan will pay the costs which are covered (depending on the coverage).

Medicare supplements are only medical coverage and do not cover prescription drugs (pair with a PDP; stand along Prescription Drug Plan).

Medicare Select Plans

There are certain Medicare Supplement plans which have networks for certain medical services.  These are called Medicare Select Plans.  These plans are generally less in premium than regular Medicare supplement policies.

Medicare Supplement Chart

2017 Medicare Supp Chart

Medicare Supplements are identified by letters, A-N.

Plans E, H, I, and J are no longer offered, but beneficiaries who were enrolled in those plans were able to stay in them, however, they are closed to all new enrollments.

Medicare supplement carriers are required to cover plan A, C and/or F in all areas they provide coverage.  All other letter plans are up to the carrier to offer.

The three most common plans sold by insurance agents are F, G, and N

Example ways you can describe the plans to your clients:

Plan F – “Full Coverage” offers coverage for every area a Medicare supplement can cover

Plan G – Very similar to plan F but does not cover the Part B deductible

Plan N – Has three moving parts:

    • Does not cover the part B deductible
    • Has limited co-payments for certain doctor and ER room visits
    • Does not cover Part B excess charges