Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements Open Enrollment

Medicare supplements are guaranteed issue (GI) within the first 6 months of a Medicare beneficiaries’ Part B start date.

Example:  If a Medicare beneficiary’s birthday is May 5th, they would have May through October to choose any Medicare supplement plan offered to them with no underwriting.

NOTE:  This is not to be confused with AEP, Annual Election Period, which is annually from October 15th through December 7th for Medicare Part C and D plans.  This does not provide Medicare beneficiaries with a GI situation.

Changing Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare beneficiaries can change plans anytime provided they can pass the carrier’s underwriting guidelines.

There are certain periods where enrollment or changing plans is GI to certain plans.

This is covered in more detail on pages 21-24 in Choosing a Medigap policy publication.  Some of these situations include:

    • Group coverage ending
    • Medicare Advantage plan leaves the service area
    • Medicare Trial Right – Change to a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time and change back to a Medicare supplement within the first 12 months


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